Elementary Band


The Owatonna Instrumental Music Department is excited to announce that your child has the opportunity to join band for the 2024-25 school year. Our band program begins the summer before 5th grade. Current 4th graders -- THIS OPPORTUNITY IS FOR YOU! 

We will provide daily (Monday-Friday) one-hour instruction during our two-week summer lesson program held August 12-23. Our instructors work with the students on basic beginning techniques. These daily lessons ensure that your child develops the foundational skills necessary to be successful. If your child has a desire to join band, please sign up today and attend one of the Band Registration & Informational Meeting on April 9 at the OHS Foundation Room at 6pm.

Wish to know more about 5th Grade Band? Watch this brief video. Band Demonstration Video ←Click Here

Registration Option (Open only to current 4th grade students):

  • Band Sign-Up Link. https://forms.gle/iYXcdNkFitG2Df5SA
  • All 4th grade families will receive a mailer the last week of March with a QR link to register. 
  • All 4th grade students will receive a handout on April 1, which is our instrumental recruitment day. The handout has both the QR code to join and information regarding our registration night. 
  • Parents are highly encouraged to attend the Band Registration and Informational Night on April 9 at 6:00pm in the OHS Foundation Room to have an in person meeting and an opportunity to sign up for band.

Dates for New Band Students

April 9: Band Registration & Informational Meeting. 

  • Owatonna High School Foundation Room
  • 6:00 - 6:30 pm 

April 19: Band Registration and Summer lesson fee due 

April 29-May 1: Best Fit Week

  • Held during the school day
  • Registered students have the opportunity to play three of their instrument choices to see which instruments plays the best for them and what they will enjoy learning the most

May 10: Instrument assignment mailed home

May 15: Instrument Rental Night Open House 

  • Rent anytime between 4:00 - 6:00 pm
  • Held in the Band Room at Owatonna High School 

August 12-23: Summer Lesson Program

  • Monday through Friday for two weeks
  • One-hour group lessons
  • Students learn the set up, care and maintenance, tone production, and basic fundamentals, and first five notes of their instrument prior to the start of the school year. 
  • $50 fee. *Scholarship funding available on a need basis through MBO. 

Music stores that service Owatonna Public Schools: 

Tone Music. Located on 114 N. Cedar Ave. Owatonna. Instrument rentals on a sliding fee depending on age of the instrument rented. Four month trial rental available for $

Music Mart. Locations in Faribault, Rochester and Mankato. Music Mart visits weekly every Thursday. Four month trial rental for $30. After 4 months, monthly payments begin. 

Holly Guenther, hguenther@isd761.org

Band Director - Lincoln, McKinley, Washington, and Wilson Schools